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Setting Up Sequential Ring


The instructions on this page are specific to the new VoiceManager portal. If you have not opted-in to this trial, you may find support for the previous version of VoiceManager at the VoiceManager Learning Center.

Sequential Ring acts as a find-me-follow-me feature that rings up to five numbers in a customized sequence when an incoming call matches specified conditions. Sequential Ring is available with the VoiceManager Anywhere package and IP Centrex service.

To configure Sequential Ring, use the following steps.


Complete the following steps.

  1. Access the VoiceManager MyAccount sign in window.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password, then click the Sign In button.

Click Voice Settings.

Click Voice Settings


Click the Call Settings tab.


Under the Call Forwarding section, click the Sequential Ring link.


Click the Ring My Phone Number First check box to ring your phone number before routing calls to the next phone number in the list.


Click the Skip to Next Number if Busy check box to ring the next number in the list if a number is busy.


Click the Allow Caller to Skip Sequence check box for call to advance to the first available number in the list.

Note: You may choose to route all or only selective incoming calls to your Sequential Ring List. To route only selective calls, you must add rules that will determine when calls are routed.


Click the Add Another Number link. You can enter up to five numbers.


Enter the Phone Number to which calls should be routed.


Choose Yes or No from the Answer Confirmation drop down menu.


Click the Rings drop down menu to select the number of rings before the call is forwarded to the next number.


Click Clear or Remove to delete any number from your list.


Click the Save button to complete your list.


To activate Sequential Ring, you must have at least one Sequential Ring Rule turned On.


Click the Save button.