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Setting Up an Email Address for Voice Mail Notification and Email Delivery


Complete the following steps to set up a new email address to access Voice Mail Notification and Email Delivery.


From the MyAccount Portal, sign in.

If you do not have access to MyAccount, then contact your Cox representative to gain access.

Note: Admins may use the "Log In As" function to set up this feature for other users.


Scroll down to the My Services section of the MyAccount Portal Home screen, and click the Voice Mail Settings icon image of voice mail settings icon to open the Messaging Controls window.

Note: The Messaging Controls screen can also be accessed by clicking the Voice Mail Settings icon in Quick Tools.

image of my account landing page


Click Voice Notification Preferences.

image of voice notification preferences screen


Click the Add New Email button.

image of add new email button


Enter the email address that is being linked to receive the voice notifications, then click the Continue button.

image of space to add email address and continue button


Click the checkbox under Attach Voice Mail Audio File to include a copy of the voice mail in WAV format.

image of checkbox under attach voice mail audio file


Click the Save button to save your changes.