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Setting the Screensaver for the Security Solutions Touchscreen


Follow the steps below to select and set a screensaver for your Touchscreen.

The Touchscreen won't enter screensaver mode when it is armed.

On the Touchscreen home screen, tap Settings.
Enter the Master Code to proceed to the Settings menu.

From the Settings menu, tap TouchScreen.

highlights TouchScreen option


From the TouchScreen menu, tap Screensaver Configuration.

highlights Screensaver Configuration option


Complete the following steps on the Screensaver Configuration screen.

  1. Tap the left or right Start Screensaver arrow to decrease or increase the time elapsed before the screensaver activates.

    Note: The maximum time elapsed is 30 minutes, the minimum is 5.

    highlights Start Screensaver option

  2. Scroll to see the available screensavers. Tap the screensaver that you would like to use.
    highlights Select Screensaver Widget options

The table below explains the commonly used screensavers. 

Screensaver Description
None The screen never goes to screensaver.
Security Screen displays the Arm System tab from the Security app.
Clock The screen will display the current time in digital or analog format.
Blank A blank screen will be displayed.