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Setting a Lighting Device Schedule in Your Security Solutions Subscriber Portal


You may set an automated schedule to control your Security Solutions lighting device in the subscriber portal.


From your web browser, navigate to Cox Business MyAccount to access Security Solutions.


On the left-hand menu of the subscriber portal home page, click Automation.

image of the subscriber portal menu option automation


On the Automation menu, click Schedules.

Image of Automation menu


On the Automation Schedule section, complete the following steps.

  1. In the Name of rule field, enter the desired rule name.
  2. Under Select Devices, click to select the lighting device to schedule the timer settings.
  3. From the On these days section, click to select the days of the week for the automation schedule.

    Image of timer automation option fields

Under the Perform these scheduled actions, complete the following steps.

  1. In the First drop-down menu, select Turn ON.
  2. In the Then drop-down menu, select Turn OFF.
  3. In the based on fields, select the desired time for the action to initiate.

    Image of scheduled actions options

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