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Selecting Audio Settings for a DVR Cable Receiver



Press the SETTINGS button on the remote, then press the A button.


Use the arrow buttons to scroll to the Audio/Video preference and press SELECT.


Select the Audio Digital Output option and press SELECT.


Select either Dolby Digital, Two Channel Only, or HDMI and press SELECT.

See Audio Settings Explained below.


Press EXIT.

Audio Settings Explained

There are three audio settings to choose from.

  • Two Channel Only
  • Dolby Digital
  • HDMI - This option appears only if the DVR cable box is connected to your system using the HDMI cable

Which one should you use?

  • Dolby Digital if you have a TV or unit that can receive and decode Dolby Digital AC3 surround sound, select this setting. Use either the Digital Audio, SP/DIF, or Optical Audio port on the back of the DVR.
  • Two Channel Only if you want Left and Right (L / R) stereo or 2-channel Prologic digital audio from an RCA Digital Audio or Optical port.
  • HDMI if the DVR is connected to the TV using the HDMI cable. HDMI delivers digital stereo. Note: If you keep the HDMI connected, you can still set up either the Two Channel Only RCA / Optical audio cables and setting, or the Dolby Digital RCA / Optical cables and setting. When set up, the Two Channel Only or Dolby Digital cable connections and Audio setting simply disable the audio portion of the HDMI stream.

Where are the RCA and Optical Audio OUT Ports on a Cable Box?
The image below shows the back of a cable box. The red boxes show the RCA and Optical Audio Out connections.

  • Three sets of stereo L / R (left / right) audio Out ports - they use audio cable connectors called "RCA"
  • One Digital Audio Out port - it uses a special digital coax cable with an "RCA"type plug
  • One Optical Audio Out port - it uses an "optical audio" digital cable and connector

connections on the back


  • The ports are grouped.
  • See how the first column labeled ARCHIVE is boxed off? That means the Video and two L/R audio ports in the box are a "set."
  • See the box labeled OUT 1? It has a Video and L/R "set" too. But the Video could also use the other audio L/R or Digital Audio ports in the box as well. Likewise, the HDTV (Y/Pb/Pr) video could use any of the audio ports in the box.
  • The Optical Audio Out port can be used with either the Video or Y/PB/Pr ports in the OUT 1 box.