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Robocall Protect


Voice users are overwhelmed with robocalls and other nuisance calls, which are an increasing problem impacting inbound telephone traffic. Cox Business provides Robocall Protect, a set of calling features to treat and block nuisance calls for commercial customers.

Robocall Protect is designed to provide easy-to-use tools to filter and treat inbound calls, based on industry-leading analytics. Cox Business Voice users have access to view and adjust settings for Robocall Protect. All Robocall Protect features are available free of charge.

Complete the following steps to access Robocall Protect and to manage call treatment and call blocking features.

  1. Login to your online account at myaccount-business.cox.com.
  2. From the Services section, click the Phone icon.
  3. From the Features section, click User & System Management.
  4. Click User Feature Settings, locate an active phone number to manage / edit the settings, then click Edit.
  5. From Call Settings, select Robocall Protect.

If you are the profile owner or admin, then complete the following to manage call features for all phone numbers associated with your account.

  1. From the Voice Features Menu, under Features, click User & System Management and then click Call Detail Records to review detailed information for inbound calls.
  2. From the Voice Features Menu, under Features, click Call Settings and then Admin for Robocall Protect to update call treatment and call blocking for multiple phone numbers. This feature will be available to Cox Business Voice customers in April.

Note: Robocall Protect decreases the likelihood of receiving unwanted calls by using industry-leading analytics, but it may not prevent all unwanted calls. Customers may need to monitor and refine Robocall Protect settings to achieve best results.

What is Robocall Protect?

Robocall Protect relies on industry analytics to compute risk scores and track risk levels for traffic routed to Cox Business voice customers. Use Robocall Protect features and Call Detail Record reporting in MyAccount to decrease the likelihood of receiving robocalls and nuisance calls.

Cox Business has defined default risk configurations for treating inbound calls. By modifying these configurations, customers can choose custom settings for their phone numbers. Settings can be adjusted by accessing MyAccount and selecting Robocall Protect, under Call Settings as shown below.

image of call settings menu

For additional details on call technology used to identify and comply with government standards, see TRACED Act and Call Validation.

Risk Categories

The following chart lists the primary risk and nuisance call categories which are analyzed by Robocall Protect. Robocall Protect offers an easy-to-use categorization for low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk options, for treating inbound calls. Based on the option selected, Robocall Protect offers options for treating or blocking inbound calls.

Risk LevelRobocall CategoryDefault Action
HighUnidentified phone numbers including known fraud numbers and those on the selective call rejection list.Blocked
MediumPotential spam or scamCalls are allowed if number is verified or has valid Caller ID display.
LowPotential scam or unrecognized numberCalls are allowed if number is verified or has valid Caller ID display.
NoneRegular callAllowed.

Robocall Protect and Call Detail Records in MyAccount

Note: Robocall Protect Call Detail Records in MyAccount will be available to Cox Business Voice customers in April.

Upon initial setup in MyAccount, Robocall Protect is automatically configured to block high-risk calls. When you first access the Robocall Protect screen, you will notice that high-risk calls are initially setup to Block. You can update these settings at any-time in MyAccount.

The following options are available to use through Robocall Protect.

  • Allow: Allows inbound calls of varying risks based on industry analytics.
  • Block: Blocks inbound calls of varying risks based on industry analytics.
  • Send to Voicemail: If you have Cox Voicemail, then this option will send calls to your Cox Voice mailbox.

    image of call treatment list

Voice users can view metrics related to updated call analytics through call detail records displayed in MyAccount. Call detail records can be viewed, searched, and filtered. You can view the risk and confidence levels available for all inbound calls delivered to Cox Business Voice services.

In MyAccount, users can filter options to view specific ranges of call records, as well as view and export outbound call detailed records, as shown below.

image of call detail

Robocall Protect and Administration Settings

Note: Robocall Protect Administration Settings will be available to Cox Business Voice customers in April.

Robocall Protect includes Administration Settings to configure call treatment settings for multiple phone numbers. Administrators can define the overall call treatment settings for their profile. Additionally, administrators can apply profile settings to one or more phone numbers on their account.

Using the Override setting, allows an administrator to authorize unique users to customize their phone number. Administrators can also require that all phone numbers adopt the main profile options set for the entire account.

Administrators can use the following options to configure call treatment categories for one or more phone numbers.

  • Set account-wide call treatment options for the entire account profile.
  • Define user-specific settings. User-specific settings are identified by an asterisk * displayed by the phone number.
  • Allow a unique user to override the account-wide profile options for call treatment.

    image of user settings

Additional Options for Handling Nuisance Calls

Cox Business offers a variety of features for minimizing inbound nuisance calls. In addition to Robocall Protect, most users can create and manage rules for incoming calls. See Allow or Block Incoming Calls With Selective Call Rules Online for more information on the following tools.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Selective Call Rejection
  • Selective Call Acceptance

Call Blocking Issue Reporting

Robocall Protect offers call blocking issues reporting. If you are dialing a Cox Business Voice customer and are having call blocking problems, users can report these issues directly to Cox support teams.

Follow the steps below to request a review of issues associated with call treatment or call blocking.

  1. Call the Redress Support Team toll-free at 1-844-209-8844.
  2. From the menu select the Cox Business option.
  3. Inform the agent about your call origination phone number and calling experience.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional information about call features and tools.

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