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Restoring Email Accounts in MyAccount


Use the following steps to restore email accounts within 90 days of deleting the email in MyAccount.

Note: If the email account and MyAccount user are both deleted, the email cannot be restored.


In a web browser, go to myaccount.coxbusiness.com.

  1. Enter your Email Administrator User ID and Password.
  2. Click Sign In.

    Note: If you do not remember your User ID or Password, or experience an issue signing in, then see Trouble Signing in on the Cox Website.

From the MyAccount home page, use the steps below to access Email Administration page.

  1. Scroll down to the MyServices section.
  2. In the Internet tab, click Email Administration.

    image of the email administration icon

From the Email Administration page, complete the following steps.

  1. Click the box next to the email address that needs to be restored or unsuspended.

    Note: If the email address you wish to restore doesn't display, then the deletion occurred more than 90 days ago and must be created as a new email address.
  2. From the Select Action drop-down menu, select Restore.

    Image of Action drop-down menu
  3. On the confirmation pop-up window that displays the Name, Email, and Mailbox Status, click Confirm.

    Image of confirmation window in MyAdmin

    Result: A confirmation message displays.

Refresh the page to view the updates.

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