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Rebooting Your Equipment in the MyAccount App


Follow the steps below to reboot your equipment in the Cox Business MyAccount app.


Sign in to the Cox Business MyAccount app using your User ID and Password.

Note: If you do not have a MyAccount profile, you may register in the Cox Business MyAccount app or on the MyAccount Setup page.


On the Home screen, the My Equipment section displays icons for your devices on your account.

  1. If you have more than three pieces of equipment, tap View More to view all of your equipment.
  2. To proceed to the My Equipment screen, tap anywhere in the My Equipment section.
Image of My Equipment section

From the My Equipment screen, complete the following steps.

  1. Locate the device that you would like to reboot.
  2. Tap the Reboot Device link.

    Image of Reboot Device Link

From the Reboot Device screen, tap the Begin Reboot button to reboot the device.

Image of Begin Reboot Button

Result: The reboot process begins, displaying how much time is left.

Image of Reboot Timer


After the reboot has completed, follow the steps outlined in the table below.

If reboot is... Then...
  1. Check the connection to see if your services are back online.
  2. If the reboot resolved your issue, then tap the Yes button to confirm.

    Image of Reboot Successful
Unsuccessful Image of Reboot Unsuccessful Message

Complete the following steps to manually reboot the device.
  1. Disconnect the power adapter from the power port and allow the device to power down.
  2. From the router, disconnect the power cord from the equipment or from the wall and allow the router to power down.
  3. From the device, reconnect the power cord.

    Note: Confirm the device is powered up before completing the next step.
  4. From the router, reconnect the power cord.
  5. If these steps resolved your issue, then tap the Yes button to confirm.
  6. If these steps did not resolve your issue, then complete the following steps.
    • Tap the No button.
    • From the pop-up screen, tap the Message Us button to chat with a Technical Support Representative.
    Image of Failed Reboot, Message Us
New MyAccount

Cox Business MyAccount Updates

With the new and improved MyAccount portal from Cox Business, you’re in control. Included with your Cox Business services, it’s all right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. 


  • Perform a health check on your services and reset your equipment
  • Easily configure key features and settings like voicemail and call forwarding
  • View your balance and schedule payments

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