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Placing International Calls


Cox Business provides worldwide connectivity at a competitive price. Our International Long Distance Advantage Plan enables you to make calls to over 230 countries worldwide. You can conduct business with just about anyone in the world. International long distance is billed in six-second increments after the first 30 seconds.

For International Long Distance rates, see the International Long Distance Plan section on https://www.cox.com/business/phone/long-distance-and-voice-mail.html#Long-Distance.

Placing International Calls

To call someone in Canada, dial 1+ area code + local number. To call someone in the following countries, dial 1+ area code + local number.

  • Anguilla 264
  • Antigua 268
  • Bahamas 242
  • Barbados 246
  • Bermuda 441
  • British Virgin Islands 284
  • Cayman Islands 345
  • Dominica 767
  • Dominican Republic 809
  • Grenada 473
  • Grenadines 784
  • Guam 671
  • Jamaica 876
  • Montserrat 664
  • Puerto Rico 787
  • St. Kitts & Nevis 869
  • St. Lucia 758
  • St. Vincent 809
  • Trinidad & Tobago 868
  • Turks & Caicos Islands 649
  • U.S. Virgin Islands 340

Blocked Countries

The ability to direct dial certain international locations has been blocked due to an increase in international long distance calling fraud. When calling a country that has been blocked you will receive an intercept message.

It is necessary to call an operator for assistance in completing the call. There are no additional costs incurred when using an operator to complete a call to a country that has been blocked.

Below is a list of countries that have been blocked for direct dialing. Calling one of these countries requires operator assistance.

  • Azerbaijan 994
  • Central African Republic 236
  • Gambia 220
  • Guinea 224
  • Maldives 960
  • Monaco 337
  • Sao Tome and Principe 239
  • Seychelles 248
  • Sierra Leone 232
  • Somalia 252

Dialing Instructions for Other Countries

To call a mobile phone line in Mexico you will dial 011-52-[Phone number].

Note: 011 is the US Dialing Exit Code and 52 is Mexico's Country Code.

To direct dial international calls to countries other than those listed above, use the following dialing pattern.

  1. 011 - The international access code
  2. The country code
  3. The city code
  4. The local telephone number

    Example: When placing a call to Paris, France, dial 011 - the international access code, 33 - the country code for France, 1 - the city code for Paris, and the local telephone number.

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