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Oklahoma Multi-Line Telephone Service 911 Dialing Requirements


On January 1, 2017, a state law was created in Oklahoma requires a business owner or operator that owns or controls a telephone system or equivalent system, such as a key system or PBX, which provides outbound dialing capacity or access to configure their system to do the following:

  • Allow a person initiating a 911 call on the system to directly access 911 without an additional code, digit, prefix, postfix, or trunk-access code.
  • Provide a notification to a central location on the site of the residential or business facility when a person within the residential or business facility dials 911.

So long as the system may be configured to provide such notification without an improvement to the system hardware. However, the business owner or operator does not need to have a person available at the central location to receive the notification.
For Cox Business IP Centrex customers, no further action is needed at this time as IP Centrex is in compliance with this law.
For all Cox Business customers that use any other Cox Business voice products in conjunction with a Multi-Line Telephone Service (MLTS) System, you are responsible for ensuring that your system is configured in accordance with this law.
Further details about the law, SB1221, aka "Kari's Law", can be found on the Oklahoma State Legislature website at Oklahoma State Legislature - Kari's Law.

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