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Navigating the Detection Mobile App


The instructions below provides information and tips on all of the features available to you in the detection mobile app.

My Business Page

After signing in to the detection mobile app, the My Business page displays. From this screen you can arm and disarm your system, turn lights on or off, adjust the thermostat, and monitor the overall system.

Image of My Business Page

Menu Options

The app is navigated using four menu options at the bottom of your screen. The table below describes each menu option.

Menu Features

Customize your My Business page or add additional pages. See Customizing Your Detection Mobile App.

Activity Monitor your system events by date and activity type.
Rules Rules tell your devices how to behave based on the parameters you assign. For example: Send me a text when my system is not disarmed by 8:00 am. See Managing Your Detection System Rules.

Manage your devices, pages, user keypad code assignment, emergency contact information, account settings, and passwords. Additionally, from here you enter alarm permit and emergency contact information. See Managing Your Account Information in the Detection Mobile App.