Navigating My Services in the Cox Business MyAccount App


Follow the steps below to view your Cox Business services in the Cox Business MyAccount app.


Sign in to the Cox Business MyAccount app using your User ID and Password.
Note: If you do not have a MyAccount profile, you may register in the Cox Business MyAccount app or on the MyAccount Setup page.


On the Home screen, the My Services section displays the service categories. This screen displays up to three service icons. If you subscribe to more than three services, a View More icon displays.

Image of My Services


The Voice service is shown in this example. Tap the Voice icon.

Image of Voice Icon

Result: On the My Services screen, all of the voice features you subscribe to are listed as well as the Call Forwarding option. 

Image of Call Forwarding

Note:  See Setting Up Call Forward Features in the MyAccount App for more information. 


The Internet service is shown in this example.

  1. Tap the Internet icon.

    Image of Internet Icon

  2. On the My Services screen, all of the Internet features you subscribe to are listed. To view your IP Addresses, tap on the View IP Addresses bar.

    Image of Internet services and IP Addresses bar

    The IP address feature is not available for fiber-based Internet customers.

  3. Depending on the services you subscribe to, you may be presented with a choice to tap and select the following choices.
    • Your Static IP Address Assignments
    • Your Dynamic IP Address Assignments

    Note: For this example we have chosen Static IP Address Assignments, tap on the arrow.

    Image of IP Addresses Choice

    Result: Your Static IP Assignments display.

    Image of Static IP Address Assignments

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