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Mass Mailing Policies and Requests


Mass mailing, defined by Cox Business as opt-in mailings, are emails sent to more than 150 users, by either a Cox customer or their third-party partner, to any group of end users.

  • Opt-in means that email recipient signed up for mailings voluntarily.
  • Opt-in implies that the mailing is not spam and a recipient knowingly and willingly requested to receive information via electronic distribution from the originating domain name or business referenced within the content of the email.

    Note: Email distribution lists that are purchased from a third party and are represented as opt-in clean lists are not exempt from this policy and will be treated as spam.

Getting Started

Before engaging in mass mailings, you must obtain written approval from Cox.

  1. Send an email to massmailing@coxmail.com. Include all of the following information.

    Topic Required Details
    Your Information
    • Your email address
    • From address - The email address to be used for sending your bulk email
    • Valid reply address - The email address to be used for receiving replies to your bulk email
    • Full name of your abuse contact
    • Abuse contact email address
    • Abuse contact phone number
    Mailing Information
    • Mail subject
    • Choose one of the following mail frequency options.
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Other
    • Application used to send email, such as Outlook, Goldmine, or others
    • Number of subscribers on your email list
    • Your Cox Business static IP address to be used for originating your bulk email
    Email Subscription Information
    • Include the start-to-finish process of how the subscribers are added to your mailing list.
    • Add any and all links to your website where subscribers sign up.
    • Explain how your mailings are Can-Spam Compliant, such as the specific instructions that you provide in each mailing to allow the subscriber to be removed from your list.
  2. If approval is granted by Cox, then you must comply with all instructions and requirements outlined by Cox before engaging in mass mailings. Failure to comply with Cox requirements is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  3. If Cox denies the request for mass mailings, then you cannot engage in mass mailings.
    1. Mass mailing is not included as part of any Cox service offering and there is no contractual right to engage in mass mailings until and unless a written approval is received from Cox for mass mailings.
    2. Cox may approve, deny, condition, or rescind previously granted permission, in its sole discretion. Failure of Cox to reply to customer shall be deemed a denial of Mass Mailing authorization.

Recipient Limits and Send Rate

When utilizing Cox Business email servers, there is a restriction of 300 recipients per message and 100,000 recipients per hour. Cox Business email servers also limit each source IP address to approximately 900 messages per hour.

Note: If you use a third-party mail server or your own mail server to send mass mailings, these restrictions do not apply.

Cox reserves the right to reject any request to perform a mass mailing if it is determined to be in its own best interests.

Mass Mailing Requirements

Listed below are the limits and requirements for using mass mailing with Cox Business email servers.

  • All email distributions must have a viable and clear option or instructions for opting-out of the subscriber list.
  • For all email distributions, the subject of the email must match the body of the text.
  • The email must contain a valid physical postal address.
  • If the following values are listed in your mail header, they must be valid email addresses and each email address must accept any bounces at the rate they may occur:
    • From
    • Reply-To
    • Return-Path
    • Errors-To

      Note: Any customer that sends Mass Mailings must supply Cox with an emergency abuse contact to contact if there are any problems or complaints associated with the mailing.
  • Use an appropriate servers for originating mailings: The use of Cox-hosted SMTP servers or customer-owned and managed SMTP servers that traverse the Cox network for mass mailings is not permitted unless previously agreed in writing by Cox.
  • If you have questions about our policy and process, see our Acceptable Use Policy.
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