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Managing the Thermostat Schedule With the Security Solutions Mobile App


Follow the steps below to manage your thermostat schedule with your mobile app.


From the detailed screen for the specific thermostat that is chosen, tap the adjustment icon within the Schedule to display the View and Enable buttons.


Tap VIEW to see your current schedule or create a new one.

See Your Current Schedule


Tap on the blue or orange dot for each day you want to change any of the set temperatures.

Change Set Temperatures

Blue dots indicate cool settings, and orange dots indicate heat settings.


The daily schedule screen displays. Follow the steps below to create or make changes to your schedule.

  • Add New Set Point - Tap the window in a blank space. Drag any of the temperature set points up or down to select the temperature, and left or right to select the time of day to begin that setting.
  • Adjust Existing Set Point - Press and drag the set point dot to adjust the temperature up or down to the desired setting, and left or right to select the time of day to begin that setting.
  • Duplicate Settings - Select a day and tap the schedule you want to duplicate. Tap Copy. Tap the day where you want to paste, and tap Paste. Continue copying the schedule for each day you want to set. Tap SAVE.

    Adjust Thermostat Settings

When changes are completed, tap the check mark to keep your new setting, or the X to delete it.

Saving and Deleting Thermostat Settings

  1. Tap SAVE in the top right corner to save the changes you've made to the thermostat schedule and exit.

    Saving Thermostat Schedule

  2. When complete, tap BACK in the top left corner to return to that specific thermostat page.

If you don't want to save this new schedule, tap RESET.

Reset Thermostat Schedule