Managing Phone Number Assignments in VoiceManager


Once an employee profile has been created, use the steps below to manage phone number assignments.


Access MyAccount and sign in with your User ID and Password.


In My Services section, under the Voice tab, click Voice Tools.

Image of MyAccount My Services section highlighting Voice Tools

In the User & System Management section click User Feature Settings.


Click the Manage Phone Number Assignments link.


Click the Select Account drop down menu, then click the account you would like to manage.


Use the table below to determine the next steps to assign or unassign a phone number to a user.

If… Then…
Assigning an unassigned phone number Under the Assign Phone Number tab, complete the following steps.
  1. In the Select a user... field next to the number you are assigning, select the user.
  2. To have a welcome email sent to the user, make sure that the Send Voice Welcome E-mail box is checked.
  3. Click the Assign Phone Number button.
Unassigning an assigned phone number Under the Unassign Phone Number tab, complete the following steps.
  1. Click to check the box next to the phone number you are unassigning.
  2. Click the Unassign Phone Number button.

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