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Managing IP Centrex Ringdown


Use the steps below to manage the Ringdown feature for IP Centrex.


Log in to www.coxbusiness.com.


From the MyAccount home page, click Voice Tools.

Image of MyAccount_Voice_Tools


From Call Settings, click View More Features.

Image of Call Settings


From the Call Settings drop-down menu, under the Dial/Redial header, click IP Centrex Ringdown.

Image of IP Centrex Ringdown

: A list of phone numbers that use IP Centrex Ringdown displays.

Note: If the IP Centrex option is not listed, then there are currently no phone numbers using IP Centrex Ringdown.


Use the table below to edit phone numbers individually or in bulk.

If... Then...
Editing one phone number Next to the phone number, click Edit or in the Search field, enter the phone number you want to edit.
Multiple phone numbers Next to the phone numbers you want to edit, click the check boxes, then click Edit Selected Numbers.

Image of IP Centrex edit Ringdown


In the Ring-to Number field, enter the phone number IP Centrex Extension that is auto dialed by the Ringdown feature.

Note: To disable IP Centrex Ringdown, contact Cox Business Support.

Image of Enter Ring-to Number


From the Delay Timer drop-down menu, select the seconds of delay before the Ring-to Number is auto dialed.

  • 0 seconds- The Ring-to Number is immediately dialed with no delay.
  • One to nine seconds- The Ring-to Number is auto dialed after the specified seconds have passed.

    Note: The Delay Timer is only available with specific IP Centrex handset and ATA models. If the Delay Timer option is unavailable, it is automatically set to 0 and cannot be changed.

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