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Managing Closed Captioning On or Off on an Advanced TV DVR


Complete the following steps to turn Closed Captioning on or off.


Press the MENU / SETTINGS button, then press the A button.


Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Language / Idioma preference and then press SELECT.


Highlight Closed Captioning and then press SELECT.


Highlight On/Off and then press SELECT.


Highlight On and then press SELECT.

Note: Highlight Off and then press SELECT to turn Closed Captioning off.


From the Options menu, complete one of the following actions.

  • Press EXIT to save the settings.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select Digital Service or Analog.
  • Select from Automatic, Primary, Secondary, DTV CC 3, DTV CC 4, DTV CC 5 and DTV CC 6 options.
  • Press SELECT to set up CC Text or Background options.