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Managing Calling Line ID


Calling Line ID allows you to display names and number of internal and external callers, try to retrieve call information when it does not display, and block your information on outgoing calls.


Log into MyAccount.


In My Services section, under the Voice tab, click Voice Tools.

Image of MyAccount Voice Tools tab


In the Call Settings section click View More Features.

Image of MyAccount Call Settings
In the Call Acceptance section, click Calling Line ID.

Note: If the Calling Line ID link does not display, then you may not have a phone number assigned to your MyAccount profile. Contact your Profile Administrator to assign a phone number to your profile. See Managing Phone Number Assignments in MyAccount.

Image of MyAccount Calling Line ID

Click the On radio button for the features that you want to activate. The available options are listed below.

  • External Line ID - Displays the name and number of callers outside the group.
  • Internal ID - Dispalys the name and number outside the group.
  • Name Retrieval - Searches for the name of an anonymous incoming caller through an external database.
  • Line ID Blocking - Omits personal identity when placing outgoing calls

    Image of MyAccount Incoming Calls radio buttons

Click the Save button.

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