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Learn About the User Orientation Period After Installation of Cox Business Security Solutions


You have a 72-hour learning period that begins after the installation of your Detection System. During this orientation period you may test your alarms, set up emergency response contacts, and learn about your system without acquiring any fees or charges associated with false alarms.

It is recommended to check to see if your city charges for false alarms.

During the 72-hour learning period, expect the following:

  • Alarm events receive a verification call from the Central Monitoring Station (CMS).
  • Authorities will not be dispatched unless the event was triggered by a silent alarm / panic button, or duress code.
  • Cox will not take any action; even if the alarm triggered is due to an actual event.
  • Cox will not:
    • Respond to any alarm signals except those noted above
    • Notify authorities
    • Dispatch law enforcement or emergency services

Your system will automatically be connected to the Cox Monitoring Center following this 72-hour test period.

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