Protect your Information:
Update Your Business Email Settings

For your protection, any devices with outdated settings are no longer able to send or receive messages from your Cox Business Email until the setting changes are made.

As part of Cox’s ongoing efforts to safeguard our customers’ information, we are asking our customers to review the email settings on the devices they use to access their Cox Email accounts and make updates to these settings as needed. Making these updates will strengthen the security and privacy of your Email account.

Get Started: Use These Step-by-Step Guides to Make Updates

You will need to check the settings on each of the devices you use to check your Cox email. Because older devices are more likely to have outdated settings, we recommend checking your oldest device first.

Step 1: Select the device you are updating below

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the email settings that I have to change?

If any of your devices connect your Cox Email to our servers through the following ports, you must update your email security settings:


Incoming Mail Server

Port: 995

Outgoing Mail Server                        (Cox Hosted)

Port: 465

Note: This is a secured port with SSL enabled and the authentication box must be checked.

IMAP Mail Server

Port: 993


What happens if I don’t update my settings?

For those devices still using unsecured ports (110, 25 or 143), you will not be able to send and/or receive emails. You will be able to still log in and access your Email account.

What are these settings and why do they need to change?

The settings that need to be updated control how email messages are sent and received by your Email client and were likely set up years ago and do not meet newer industry security standards.

Why can’t Cox make these changes for me?

Cox is unable to make these changes for you because the settings are unique to your individual email programs on your devices

If I use multiple devices to access my Cox Email, do I need to update the settings on all devices?

All devices including mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. that currently utilize the unsecure server port email settings (ports 110, 25 and 143) must be updated. We would recommend you check first your older devices as these may be set up with outdated email settings.

What if I log in to my Cox email through a web browser?

No action is required if you only log in to Cox email using a web browser.

How do I determine which email program and the version of my email program I have on my computer?

You should be able to right click on the program you use to access your email and select “properties.” A pop up window will tell you the name of the program and the version of the program.

Some of my devices use port server settings other than 110, 25 or 143. Do they need to be changed?

No, there are other settings that your email program may use which are secure and do not need to be changed.

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