Editing Users, Permissions, or Notifications in MyAccount


Follow the steps below to edit existing users or their permissions in MyAccount.

Note: A primary username cannot be modified, another username must be selected as primary before making changes.


From the View All Users window, locate the user from the list and click Edit.

Note: To assist in locating a user, enter the user name in the Search field.

Image of Search Existing Users


From the Manage Users window, make the changes to any of the applicable fields for your existing user. If you would like to provide additional contact options, under the Email Address or Mobile Phone Number fields, click + Add New and click Save.

Note: Each User may have up to three additional email addresses and three additional mobile phone numbers.


Image of Edit Users


Scroll down to the Notifications and Permissions section, click on Permissions to open the User Permissions window. Edit any of the user's existing permissions by completing the following steps.

  1. If you are changing the user from an End User to an Administrator, select Administrator and then click Save Permission.

    Image of User Permission Administrator

  2. If you are changing an Administrator to an End User, select End User, then click the + icon to expand the Billing Access, Internet & Data Services, or Voice sections to assign or edit the applicable permissions for the user.
  3. Click Save Permission to update your changes in MyAccount.

    Image of User Permission End User

Under the Notifications tab in the Preferred Contact Methods section, click on the drop-down menu to select the email or phone number where you would like to receive your notifications.

Image of Preferred Contact method

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