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Editing Security Users in MyAccount


The Security Profile Owner (SPO) is the sole account owner. An SPO has authorization to elect Security Profile Administrators (SPA). There is one SPO per account, but an SPO may authorize several SPAs. The SPO, and SPAs with the correct permission level, may add, edit, or remove security users for the Security Solutions account in MyAccount. Security users have permissions assigned to authorize management of your security system. The security permissions can be customized for each individual SPA.

Follow the steps below to edit security users.


Sign in to MyAccount.


On the MyAccount home page, complete the following steps.

  1. Scroll down to the Security Solutions section.
  2. Click the Security Solutions button.
  3. Click Manage Security Solutions.

    Image of the Manage Security Permissions window

On the Security Solutions window, under the Security Portal Access section, click Go to Users and Accounts.

Image of MyAccount Security Solutions page highlighting Go to Users and Accounts link


On the Personal Info section, locate the user and click Edit.

Image of Security Users Edit button


Update or change any of the following fields and click Save.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • User ID - Email Address
  • Alternate Email Address

Image of the Add New Security User window


To edit permissions, scroll down to the Account Security section and click the Security Solutions Roles & Permissions header.

  1. Click the Manage hyperlink beside the Security Profile Role.
  2. Update the permission level as needed and click Save

    Image of User Permission Levels

To learn more about the permission levels, see Security Roles Overview in MyAccount.

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