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Eaton 5S1500LCD UPS Battery Backup


Equipment Information

Eaton 5S1500LCD

Front View

image of the front view

The Eaton 5S1500LCD Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup has the following front panel features.

  • Power: Power on and of the equipment.
  • LCD scroll: Use to scroll through options on the LCD interface.
  • Alarm Silence: Press to silence alarm.
  • LCD interface: Displays the following information.
    • UPS on
    • AVR mode
    • Battery mode
    • internal fault
    • output load level
    • Battery level
    • Input measurements
    • Output measurements
    • Measuring unit

Back View

Image of the back view

The following outlets are available on the back of the equipment.

    • Surge protection outlets
    • Battery backup outlets
    • Circuit breaker
    • AC input cord

      Note: The left-side Surge Protection outlets on the back of the UPS battery backup are pass-through outlets and do not impact the backup battery.

      Important: The right-hand side Battery Backup outlets use the battery during a power failure. Cox equipment should be connected to these outlets.

Front Panel Buttons

The following buttons are on the front panel of your UPS battery backup.


image of power button

On / Off button for the battery backup outlets


image of the scroll button
Scroll up / down
Mute Alarm

Image of the mute alarm button
Mute alarm

LCD Indicators

The following icons display on the LCD panel.

image of lcd displayUPS On
image of the lcd displayAVR Mode
Image of the LCD displayBattery Mode
Image of the LCD displayInternal Fault
Image of the LCD displayOutput Load Level
Image of the LCD displayBattery Level
image of the lcd displayInput Measurement
image of the lcd displayOutput Measurement
image of the lcd displayMeasuring Unit


To troubleshoot power issues, use the table below.

The battery backup outlets are not supplied with power.Power button is not on.Press the power button.
Battery is not connected.Check that the battery connector is firmly connected.
UPS not plugged into active main outlets and battery is drained.Confirm that the outlet is active.
The connected devices are not supplied when AC power fails.Devices are not connected to the battery backup outlets.Connect the devices to the battery backup outlets.
Battery is not sufficiently charged.Let the unit charge to at least bar active 14 displays on the battery charge display, then retest.
AC power is connected, but the unit runs on battery power.UPS circuit breaker is tripped.Press the circuit breaker button located on the back-bottom of the UPS. If the circuit breaker trips again, then there is an overload on the outlets. Disconnect excessive power equipment and retry.
Green button flashes and audible alarm beeps every three seconds.The UPS battery backup outlets are overloaded. Disconnect excessive power equipment connected to the battery backup outlets.
Fault sign appears on the LCD panel and audible alarm beeps continuously.A fault has occurred on the UPS. The battery backup outlets are no longer supplied.Contact us for further assistance.

Manufacturer Resources

For more detailed technical information on the 5S1500LCD, use the resources below.

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