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Detecting Flashback Trojan Malware On Your Mac Computer


The malware virus Flashback Trojan can steal personal information.
Note: See Trojan-Downloader for details on detecting this virus.

How It Attacks

Flashback Trojan masquerades as an Adobe Flash Player plug-in installer but has grown to also take advantage of Java.

How It Infects the Mac

Visiting a website containing Flashback on an Apple OS X system with Java installed can result in the malware infecting your computer in two ways:

  1. The malware will request an administrator password so do not provide one. If you do, the malware will install a package of code in the Applications folder on your Mac.
  2. If you do not provide the password, the malware can still install in user accounts. Once installed, the Flashback will inject code into Web browsers and other applications like Skype to steal passwords and other information from those programs.