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Create or Edit Alarm Notifications in Your Subscriber Portal


Creating an Alarm Notification

An alarm notification notifies you if there has been an alarm event at your business or property. Follow the steps below to create an alarm notification in the subscriber portal.


From your web browser, navigate to Cox Business MyAccount to access Security Solutions.


On the left-hand menu of the subscriber portal, click Notifications.

Image of Notifications option


On the Notifications screen, click the +NEW NOTIFICATION button.

Image of Add New Notification button


On the Add a New Notification section, click the Alarm option.

Image of Alarm Notification


On the Notification section, complete the following steps to create your alarm notification.

  1. Delete the word Alarm and enter a new name for the notification rule.

    Image of Alarm Name entry

  2. In the When Alarm of type section, select the type of alarm by clicking Audible, Silent, or both.

    Image of Alarm Type selection

  3. In the Is reported by field, select one of the following from the drop-down menu.
    • Any Sensor - This notifies you when any sensor goes off.
    • Specific Sensor - This allows you to select specific sensors in the event of an alarm.

    Image of Sensor type

    Note: Do not choose to send a Duress Panic SMS or push notification to a potential Duress Code user.

  4. Click +Add Recipient to add additional notification recipients.

    Image of Add Recipient button

  5. On the Address Book screen, select the recipient to receive the alarm notification, or click +New to create a new Address Book entry.

    Image of Address Book

Verify the notification is configured with the correct settings and click Save.

Editing an Alarm Notification

To edit an existing alarm notification, follow the steps below.


On the Notifications screen, locate the alarm notification you wish to edit and click the Pencil icon.

Image of Notifications Edit Pencil Icon

On the alarm notification screen, complete your edits and click Save.

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