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Create or Edit a Disarming Supervision Notification in Your Subscriber Portal


This solution only applies to Cox Business Security Solutions customers within the following locations:
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Macon
  • Kansas
  • Arizona
  • Oklahoma
  • Las Vegas
  • Omaha
  • Arkansas

A disarming supervision notification can notify users if the system has not been disarmed by a certain time. Follow the steps below to create a disarming supervision notification from the subscriber portal.


From your web browser, navigate to Cox Business MyAccount to access Security Solutions.


On the left-hand menu of the subscriber portal home page, click Notifications.

Image of Notifications option


From the Notifications screen, click +NEW NOTIFICATION.

Image of Add New Notification button


On the Add a New Notification section, click the Standard tab then click the Disarming Supervision option.

image of the subscriber portal disarm notification tab


On the Notification screen, enter the following information.

  1. In the Disarming Supervision field, enter the name for the new notification.
  2. On When the system has not been disarmed by, select the non-disarm timeframe to trigger the notification.
  3. Under On the selected days, select one of the following notification schedules.
    • At All Times: Select to send notification on all days and times.
    • Only During the Following Times: Select to choose the day and time to send the event notification.

    image of the subscriber portal disarm notification options

Click +Add Recipient to add additional notification recipients.

Image of Add Recipient button


Click the entries in the Address Book that are to be notified, or click +NEW to create a new Address Book entry.

Image of Address Book


Verify the notification is configured with the correct settings and click Save.