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Cradlepoint E300 LTE Backup


Front View

Image of cradlepoint e300 router Front View

Click to enlarge.

Back View

Image of cradlepoint e300 Router Back View

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Use the table below to identify the feature specifications of the Cradlepoint E300 LTE backup.

Features Specifications
Modem / LTE Backup Router Includes one of the following LTE backups:
  • Embedded C18B
  • Embedded C4D
  • 5 X GbE RJ455
  • 1 X 10 GbE SFP+

Dual-radio, dual-band, concurrent operation (2.4 and 5 GHz)

Note: The WiFi radios are disabled.

  • 1 X USB 2.0 Type A
  • 1 X Expansion
GNSS/GPS 1 X SMA GNSS antenna connector
Power External DC power supply, 100-240 VAC input, 12 VDC 2A output
Dimensions 5.3 X 10.6 X 1.7 in

LED Indicators

The lights indicate the current state of your LTE backup.

Indicator Status

image of the power icon below led indicator
  • No light: Not receiving power
  • Green: Powered on
  • Yellow: Attention
Signal Strength

image of the signal icon below led indicator
  • 4 Solid Bars: Strongest signal
  • 1 Blinking Bar: Weakest signal
  • 4 Blinking Bars: SIM door is not installed, LTE backup is off

image of the vpn icon below led indicator
  • Blue: Connected to an active VPN
  • Green: Connected to a remote modem via WAN
Modular Modem

image of the modular modem icon below led indicator
  • No Light: No removable LTE backup detected
  • Solid Green: LTE backup is providing internet service
  • Blinking Green: LTE backup is connecting
  • Solid Yellow: LTE backup in standby; no issue detected
  • Blinking Yellow: Data connection error
  • Blinking Red: LTE backup is in the process of resetting
Embedded Modem / LTE Backup Router

image of the lte router icon below led indicator
WiFi Broadcast

image of the wifi icon below the led indicator
  • No Light: WiFi is not operating
  • Blue: WiFi is on and operating normally

    Note: WiFi is disabled.

Manufacturer Resources

For more detailed technical information on the Cradlepoint E300 backup, refer to the Cradlepoint E300 LTE Datasheet (PDF).

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