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Cox Business Webmail Spam Features


Cox Webmail offers junk email, also known as spam, filtering options. To learn how to activate spam filters, see Activating Cox Business Email Spam Settings.

For additional options to filter emails based on set rules, see Creating Filter Rules in Cox Business Email.

Submitting Email to Cox

In the event you receive an email that the Junk Email Filtering did not detect as spam, you can send it to Cox for review. We will then work with our partners to ensure that this type of unwanted email is added to the list to be blocked. To submit an email as spam, send it to SpamReport@cox.net.

If the Junk Email Filtering identifies an email as spam but you believe it is not, you can submit this to Cox as well. We will then work with our vendors to ensure that this type of email is not flagged in the future. This is known as a false positive. To submit a false positive, send it to ThisIsNotSpam@cox.net.

Note: All suspect and false positive emails must be forwarded as an attachment.

Additional Questions and Answers

View the following frequently asked questions about CoxMail spam features. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.

Does the Cox Junk Email filters stop all spam?

Spammers are very inventive and continuously find new ways to send unwanted email. If an email is spam and was not blocked by the Junk Email filters, forward the email to SpamReport@cox.net.

Does Cox read my mail?

No. We respect your privacy and do not read any email messages, instant messages, online chats, or the content of other online communications that reside or pass through our service. For more detailed information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Can I run my own anti-spam filter on my personal computer?

Yes. Since Cox Junk Email filters run before the mail is delivered to your inbox, a spam filter on your personal computer will not interfere.

I turned on the Junk Email filters with the option to delete all junk mail. Can I get a copy of those emails?

No, once this option is activated all email marked as spam is permanently deleted from the Cox servers.

Will Junk Email filtering make my email experience slower?

No. Junk Email filtering is a high-performance solution that very quickly identifies spam and will not slow down the emails sent to you.

Which email clients are compatible with Junk Email filtering?

The Junk Email filtering feature works with all email software, including the CoxMail Web interface. This feature is not an email plug-in option. This feature works as the email is being delivered to the CoxMail servers. If a customer chooses to delete any incoming spam, it is evaluated and deleted before it reaches your inbox.

How can I prevent spammers from getting my email address?

Avoid placing your email address on web sites or newsgroups. When providing your email address to third parties, verify their privacy policy to determine if they sell your information and what you can do to prevent it. Only provide your email address to trusted parties.

What is the CAN-Spam Act?

The CAN-Spam Act, effective January 1, 2004, preempts all State spam statutes and places a series of requirements on commercial email, "the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service." The act requires companies that send or initiate commercial email to comply with the following guideline:

  • Refrain from using a misleading subject heading
  • Provide in each message a valid return or Internet-based reply address
  • Provide in each message a physical postal address in the text
  • Provide a conspicuous notice that is an advertisement or solicitation
  • Include a notice explaining how recipients can prevent the transmission of future messages by using the sender's return email address or Internet-based reply address and honoring such requests within 10 days
  • Refrain from selling or exchanging the email address of any recipient who has made an "opt-out" request

How do I reduce the amount of spam I receive?

Here are some additional tips for you to reduce the amount of incoming and outgoing spam that you are experiencing:

  • Don't use your primary email address to sign up for anything. Consider creating separate addresses that can be used for online purchases, chat rooms, and other public postings. Many customers create a secondary email address for e-commerce, signing on to web sites, and entering sweepstakes.
  • Use a unique email address. Select an address that is difficult for spammers to guess. Consider using, longer email addresses consisting of more than one word, as well as numbers and an underscore. Also, if chatting online, use a unique screen name that is not associated with your email address.
  • Use caution when unsubscribing from a spammer's list. Some spam messages will include links for you to click on, such as a link that will "unsubscribe" you from the spammer's list. Once you click on the link, however, you have just told the spammer that your email address is a valid address, thus ensuring that you will receive thousands of additional spam messages. You should use caution when using "unsubscribe" links with a spam email, unless the email is from a company you trust.
  • Watch out for those checkboxes. Make sure you don't opt in for emails you don't want and watch out for checkboxes when you submit any form on a web site. Always be familiar with the web site's privacy policy before submitting any information.
  • Assume email from unknown senders is spam. Friends, family, business partners, and customers do not typically spam you. If you receive unsolicited commercial email (junk email or spam messages), you may report it to the sender's Internet Service Provider (ISP). To do this, you must first view the complete message header for the spam message to identify the source network, and then send a report to the network administrator. Some useful information on how to identify the correct data in the message header or within the message itself is available at http://combat.uxn.com/tracing.html.

I have registered with Cox Business to send approved mass mailings. Does the CoxMail Junk Email Filtering prevent me from sending my mass mailings?

No, Junk Email Filtering will not be applied to any customer who has received approval to send mass mailings via their CoxMail service. For more information on the mass mailing approval policy, see the Cox Business Acceptable Use Policy.

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