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Converting WAV to U-Law in Audacity


Follow the steps below to convert a .wav file to U-Law.


In Audacity, click File and complete the following steps to begin the conversion.

  1. Click Open.
  2. Select the file you want to convert.

Complete the steps below to adjust the file settings.

  1. In the bottom left corner, set the Project Rate to 8000.
  2. Is the Track set to Mono?
    • If yes, then continue to the next step.
    • If no, then click Tracks and select Stereo Track to Mono.

      Image of Audacity Tracks menu, highlighting Stereo Track to Mono

Click File, then select Export Audio.


From the Export Audio window, complete the following steps.

  1. Under Network, click the Save as type drop-down menu and select Other uncompressed files.

    Image of Audacity Export Audio window, highlighting Other uncompressed files
  2. Click Option.
  3. Under Format Options, click the Header drop-down menu and select WAV (Microsoft), then click the Encoding drop-down menu and select U-Law.

    Image of Audacity Export Audio window, highlighting the Header and Encoding drop down fields

  4. Does the file name end with .wav?
    • If yes, then continue to the next step.
    • If no, then change the file type.
  5. Click Save.
  6. From the Artist Information window, click OK.

    Result: The file is now ready to upload to MyAccount.
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  • Easily configure key features and settings like voicemail and call forwarding
  • View your balance and schedule payments

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