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Converting WAV Files Using Sound Recorder


Windows XP Sound Recorder allows users to convert existing WAV files or record voice messages. Upload personal WAV files to share a recorded message with callers using the following features.

  • Music On Hold
  • Custom Ringback Group
  • Custom Ringback User
  • Voice Portal
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voice Manager

    : Windows Vista and Windows version 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 do not have the option to convert WAV files. Use an outside audio conversion software package and save files in PCM format MU-LAW.

The following recording formats are required.

  • CCITT U-Law
  • 8.000 kHz
  • Eight-bit Mono
  • WAV file type

The following file duration maximums are required.

  • Auto Attendant Greeting: Two minutes
  • Custom Ring back User / Group: Two minutes
  • User's Voice Portal Personalized Name: Ten seconds
  • Music On Hold: Ten minutes
  • All other services: Five minutes

    : The maximum file size for recordings is five Mb.

Follow the steps below to convert WAV files using Sound Recorder.


Complete the following steps to access Sound Recorder.

  1. From your computer, click Start.
  2. Select All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, and then Sound Recorder.

From Sound Recorder, select File and then select Open.


Use the following table to perform the appropriate steps based on the recording type.

Type of RecordingAction
Existing WAV fileLocate the WAV file to be converted and then click Open.

Result: The file loads in Sound Recorder.
New voice recording

Complete the following steps.

  1. Insert a recording microphone in the computer's microphone jack.
  2. Click the recording command.
  3. Record the voice message.
  4. Click the stop command.
  5. Play the voice message to ensure its quality and re-record if necessary.

Click File, then click Save As.


Click Change.

Image of wav conversion change button

Result: The Sound Selection window displays.


From the Format drop-down menu, complete the following steps to save the recording.

  1. Select CCITT u-Law and then click OK.
  2. Name the file and then click Save.
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