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Configuring Features in the Cox Business Voice Portal

Voice Portal provides an interactive voice response application that can be called by members of the group from any phone to activate or deactivate VoiceManager features such as Personal Status Manager. With Voice Portal, users can also manage their passcode and change their recorded name. Voice Portal is automatically configured for users within the below packages.

  • Traditional
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Complete
  • Office
  • Anywhere
  • Virtual Number Service Basic
  • Virtual Number Service Enhanced

By selecting a permissions box, the Client Administrator can allow users calling from their own phone to automatically log in to the Voice Portal without using a passcode. In addition, the Client Administrator has the ability to use Voice Portal to record new greetings for a group's Auto Attendant feature.

If the dialing plan changes from four digits to either five or six digits, then the extension 9999 for Voice Portal must match the same dial plan length. For example, a five-digit dialing plan would require the use of 09999 in the extension space for Voice Portal and a six-digit dialing plan would require the extension of 009999.

See VoiceManager and IP Centrex Feature Access Codes for additional ways to access various features.

To view a list of voice mail, voice portal, and call forward remote access numbers, see Voice Mail, Voice Portal, and Call Forward Remote Access Numbers.

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