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Changing the Master Keypad Code in the Touchscreen


Keypad codes are used to arm or disarm the system. Multiple keypad codes can be assigned to track who enters and leaves the premises. Subscribers can add, delete, and edit keypad codes from the Touchscreen.

  • If the alarm is going off and the customer has forgotten the master keypad code, the customer must call the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) to stop the police dispatch.
  • If the customer does not contact CMS or is unable to provide them with their correct Central Station Passcode, CMS dispatches the police.
  • The only way for the alarm to cease going off is to reset the master keypad code.

From the Touchscreen Settings menu touch Security>Manage Keypad Codes.

Manage Keypad Codes


On the Manage Keypad Codes screen, tap Edit on the Master row.

Master Code selected


On the Keypad Code screen, enter the current Master Keypad Code in the field provided, click OK.


Enter the new Master Keypad Code, click SAVE.