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Changing the Forward All Calls Rule


Automatically forward all calls to another phone number. Use this rule to avoid interruptions on busy days or when you’re away from your desk.

Use the following steps to enable the Forward All Calls rule.


From the Call Forwarding page complete the following.

  1. Click the Forward All Calls switch On.
  2. Click Edit.

    Note: If this option is currently blank then step 2 displays without clicking Edit.

Image of MyAccount Forward All Calls


In the Forward To: field, enter the phone number to forward all calls.

Image of MyAccount All Calls Forward To Field

Note: Enter the number exactly how you would dial it. If forwarding to a toll-free or long distance number, then include the 1, such as 1-800-555-5555.


In the Options/Manage drop-down menu, select Ring Reminder (On) or Ring Reminder (Off).

Image of MyAccount Call Forward All Calls Ring Reminder


Click Save.

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