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Canceling Recurring Payments Online Through EasyPay


Follow these steps to cancel automatic recurring payments using EasyPay.


From MyAccount.coxbusiness.com, sign in using your User ID and Password.

Note: If you have not yet registered for a User ID, you may do so by selecting Register.


From the MyAccount Overview window, complete the following steps.

  1. In the My Bills section, click the I Want To... menu.

    Image of MyAccount Overview window with I want to... button
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Manage Auto Payments.

    Image of Manage Auto Payments on drop-down menu

    Result: The Manage Auto Payments window displays.

Do you have more than one account?

  • If yes, click the account you want to cancel from EasyPay, and click Next.
  • If no, continue to the next step.

Click the statement you want to unenroll in EasyPay and then click Stop Auto Payments.

Image of the Select Statement section of MyAccount, highlighting the Stop Auto Payments button


The Stop Auto Payments For Selected Statements displays your current balance and the next due date. You will need to make a one-time payment for the amount shown by this date.

Follow these steps to complete the cancellation.

  1. Review the details.
  2. Click Confirm.

Image of Stop EasyPay review page on MyAccount highlighting the Confirm button

Result: A confirmation page displays indicating that Auto Payments have been turned off.

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