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Call Forwarding Remote Access

For security reasons, this feature is not available for IP Centrex and VoiceManager customers. To edit Call Forwarding for IP Centrex and VoiceManager, see Changing Call Forwarding Features in MyAccount.

When you subscribe to Call Forwarding on your business phone, you may use a touch-tone telephone at another location to remotely change Call Forwarding on your telephone.


  • Call Forwarding (* 72) is the only service available through Call Forwarding Remote Access.
  • You cannot access Call Forward Busy (* 90) and Call Forward No Answer (* 92) via Call Forwarding Remote Access.
  • This feature should not be confused with Remote Call Forward, a business telephone feature that allows a customer who does not have a physical location or phone to have a phone number and have incoming calls to that number automatically forwarded to another number.
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