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Call Center Report Types


The table below contains the names of Call Center Reports and information about what each report contains.

Call Report Name Includes
Abandoned Call Report Calls Queued, Abandoned, Calls Answered, Calls Answered within Threshold

Note: You can set the threshold in seconds.
Agent Activity Call Type, Inbound/Outbound Call Type and Number per Agent
Agent Activity Report Status of Agents: Available, Wrap-Up, Unavailable and Hold
Agent Call Detail Call Start and Call End, Call Type (In/Out), Number called, talk time, hold time
Agent Call Report Calls Presented, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) Calls, Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls

Note: ACD calls are distributed to agents or groups based on their status, Available or Unavailable. The rules that are set up in the Call Center Settings.
Agent Duration Report ACD calls, outbound ACD calls, inbound calls/outbound calls, internal calls
Agent Sign-In/Out Report Sign in date/time, Sign out date/time, staffed duration
Agent Summary Report Average Staffed time, wrap-up time, unavailable time, talk time, hold time, handle time, high water marks/longest call, call summary, duration
Agent Unavailability Report Date, Time, Agent Name, Unavailable code
Call Center Detail Report Call center name, Call Start time, Call End time, Agent name, Agent number and extension, callers’ number, call result, number of bounces, talk time, hold time, wrap-up time
Call Center Incoming Calls Call Center name, Calls Received, Received via Overflow, Calls Queued, Forced Forwarding, Night Service, Holiday Service
Call Center Overflow Matrix Total overflow per Call Center
Call Center Presented Calls Calls Queued, Calls Escaped, Calls Abandoned, Calls Presented, Calls Answered, Calls Answered in seconds, Calls Bounced, Calls Transferred, Calls Stranded
Call Center Report Calls Queued, Calls Escaped, Calls Abandoned, Calls Answered in seconds, Overflow
Call Center Summary Report Average wait time, average speed of answer, average abandonment time, average staff
Service Level Report Date, Time, Call Center name, Average Wait Time, Average Speed of Answer, Calls Answered within seconds
Scheduled Reports Any of the above reports can be scheduled to automatically email up to nine recipients on a requested report time and pattern by selecting Type: Scheduled and entering the reporting input.

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