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Audio Settings

Use the table below to learn about the different audio settings and when to select them.

Audio Setting Select this setting if...
Dolby Digital You have a TV or unit that can receive and decode Dolby Digital surround sound, select this setting. Use either the Digital Audio, SP/DIF, or Optical Audio port on the back of the cable receiver.

The receiver is connected to the TV using an HDMI, select this setting. HDMI delivers digital stereo.


  • The HDMI option appears only when the cable receiver is connected to your system using an HDMI cable.
  • If you keep the HDMI connected, you can still set up either the two-channel only RCA / Optical audio cables and setting, or the Dolby Digital RCA / Optical cables and setting.
  • When set up, the two-channel only or Dolby Digital cable connections and audio settings simply disable the audio portion of the HDMI stream.
Two Channel Only You want Left and Right (L / R) stereo or two-channel Prologic digital audio from an RCA Digital Audio or Optical port, select this setting.

RCA and Optical Audio OUT Ports on a Cable Receiver

Use the following example of a back panel to identify ports. The red boxes show the RCA and Optical Audio Out connections.

On the back of the receiver are the following ports.

  • Three sets of stereo L / R (Left / Right) audio out ports - They use audio cable connectors called RCA.
  • One Digital Audio Out port - It uses a special digital coax cable with an RCA type plug.
  • One Optical Audio Out port - It uses an optical audio digital cable and connector.

highlights cable outputs


  • Depending on your receiver, connection port availability and placement vary.
  • The ports are grouped.
  • The first column labeled ARCHIVE has three ports below it: Video, Left (L) and Right (R). Together these are a set.
  • The next section, labeled OUT 1, has nine ports under it. The Video port could also use the other audio L / R or Digital Audio ports in the section. The HDTV (Y / Pb / Pr) video could use any of the audio ports in the section.
  • The Optical Audio Out port can be used with either the Video or Y / PB / Pr ports in the OUT 1 box.
Which receiver type do you wish to change the audio settings on?

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