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Arris XG1v3 High Definition DVR Receiver


Arris XG1 high definintion DVR receiver front view

Receiver Capabilities

HD Capable

Up to 6 simultaneous DVR recordings

Up to 1000 hours of SD recording

Up to 500 hours of HD recording

Note: Estimated storage will vary with mix of HD and SD recordings.

Not compatible with external hard drive

Receiver has on and standby power settings; therefore, the LED does not turn off while power is applied.

Guide Version Dimensions 
Contour 2 Height 2.55"
Width 13.43"
Depth 9.05"

Front View

image of Arris XG1 high definition DVR receiver front panel diagram showing Power button and LED indicators and display

Number Description Active Description
1 LED display Yes Displays the time and error codes.
2 Remote LED - green Yes Displays that the receiver is receiving a signal from the remote.
3 Data LED - yellow Yes Displays the Data when uploading or downloading data. This can be from streaming apps, firmware, PPV or downloads.
4 Record LED - red Yes Displays when a recording is in progress.
5 Power button Yes Places unit in and out of standby.

Back View

Arris XG1 high definition DVR receiver back panel diagram showing power, cable, and audio / video connection ports

Number Description Active
1 Cable In Yes
2 Out to TV Yes
3 Composite (RCA) Video Out Yes
4 Composite (RCA) Audio Out Yes
5 Digital Audio Out Yes
6 Ethernet No
7 USB No
8 HDMI To TV Yes
9 Hard Drive Yes
10 eSATA Port No
11 Power In Yes

Installation Guides

Use the guides below for instructions on how to connect this receiver to a TV.

Connection Type Video Cable Connected to TV
Standard Definition Coax (PNG)
Standard Definition Composite (PNG)
High Definition



  • Always ensure the receiver is unplugged before plugging in the HDMI cable.
  • The HDMI cable to the TV must be plugged into the HDMI IN port in order to function properly.

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