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Arm and Disarm the Detection System Using the Keypad


With your Security Solutions keypad, it is easy to arm and disarm your security system.

image of the Centralite Wireless Keypad

Arming Your Detection System 

Follow the steps below to arm your detection system.

Note: Ensure the system is in the ready state with all active zones closed, and the green LED on the keypad lit, before arming.


On the keypad select and press the desired mode button.

  • image of the Arm Away Button Arm Away Mode - Use this mode when no one is on the premises.
  • image of the Arm Stay Button Arm Stay Mode - Use this mode when the home is still occupied.

Enter your valid keypad code. The arming status selected starts to blink and the keypad makes an audible tone indicating that the arming state has started.

Note: When there are 10 seconds left before arming, the beeping of the keypad increases in frequency until the system is armed.

Disarming Your Detection System

To disarm your detection system, enter a valid keypad code within the 30 second allotted time.

Note: If a delayed zone is opened before the system is disarmed, the keypad blinks and beeps to indicate that you have 30 seconds to disarm the system before the alarm sounds.

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