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Adding a New Account to an Existing Profile in the MyAccount App


Complete the following steps to add a new account to an existing profile on the Cox Business MyAccount app.


Sign into the Cox Business MyAccount app.


From the Home screen, tap Administration.

Image of Home screen Administration tab


From the Administration screen, tap Profile Administration.

Image of the Administation screen, Profile Administration tab


From the Profile Administration screen, tap Add Account.

Image of Profile Administration screen, Add Account Tab


From the Add Account screen, complete the following steps.

  1. In the Account Information section, complete the following fields.
    • Account Number - enter your complete 16-digit account number located on the first page of your billing statement
    • Cox PIN - the four-digit code you were provided from Cox
    • Account Alias - unique name to personalize and reference this account
  2. Tap Save and Continue.

Image of Add Account screen


On the Set Up Billing screen, complete the following steps to select how you would like to receive and pay your bills.

Note: If you would like to complete this step later, then tap No thank you. I'll complete later. and continue with the next step.

  1. Manage Autopay - sign up for EasyPay to automatically pay your monthly bill using your bank account or credit card.
    • Toggle the Manage Autopay button to On.
    • Tap Add Payment Method and enter your banking information.
    • Read the Terms and Conditions of Authorization and Disclosures, tap to place a check in the box that indicates agreement.
    • Tap Save and Continue.

      Image of EasyPay enrollment

  2. Paperless Billing - enroll to receive your monthly bills via email notification.
    • To enroll in paperless billing, toggle the Paperless Billing button to On.
    • Enter your Email address.
    • Tap Save and Complete.

      Image of Paperless Billing enrollment

You have the ability to enter the personal and contact information and access permissions for those people that need to have access to this account. On the Additional Users screen, tap Add Users to enter the information and customize their permissions.

Note: If you would like to complete this step later, then tap No thank you. I'll complete later. and continue with the next step.

  1. On the Add User screen, complete the Personal Information and Contact Information fields.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. On the User Permissions screen, select either of the following choices.
    • End User - tap on the Customize Permissions drop down menu to select detailed permissions.

      Image of End User selection

    • Administrator - provides that user with access to everything.

      Image of Administrator selection

  4. Tap Continue.

The Manage Account Authorization screen allows you to manage your Cox PIN and Secret Question and Answer, tap Manage Authorization and complete the following steps.

Note: If you would like to complete this step later, then tap No thank you. I'll complete later. and continue with the next step.

  1. On the Account Authorization Settings screen, enter the required information in the following fields.
    • Authorized Users - these users have permission to speak to Cox about your services and billing.
    • Secret Question and Secret Answer - choose a question and answer that you and your authorized users are aware of to use as an account validation when contacting Cox.
  2. Tap Save and Continue.
  3. On the Account Contacts screen, add the contact information to be used for account notifications.
  4. Tap Save and Continue.

On the View IP Addresses screen, tap View IP Addresses to view the applicable Cox Business Internet cable modem service IP addresses. Depending on your services, you are capable of viewing both Static IP and Dynamic IP addresses.

Image of View IP screen


On the bottom of the View IP Addresses screen, tap Launch MyAccount.

Result: The completion screen displays with a quick tour of the app.

Scroll to the bottom of the app navigation screen, tap Continue to complete the set up and access the MyAccount Home screen.

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