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Accessing the Technicolor CGA4131 Administrative Portal


The Technicolor administrative portal allows you to configure the settings of your Gateway. To access the administrative portal, use a computer or device that is connected to your Gateway.

Note: If you want to enable remote access to securely access your gateway, see Setting Remote Access in the Technicolor CGA4131 Administrative Portal.


Open a web browser and enter


Enter your username and password.

Note: If this is your first time accessing the administrative portal, then you will need to leave the username and password fields blank.

image of the administrative portal log in page

Note: The first time you access the administrative portal, a Change Your Password prompt will display. To change your password after your first login, then see Changing the Technicolor CGA4131 Administrative Portal Password.

The following table provides an overview of the features that are available in the administrative portal.

Main Tab Features Description
Status Overview WiFi, LAN, and Guest WiFi connections.
Gateway Gateway and IP Network information.
Local Network LAN information
Wireless Wireless network information
DOCSIS Status DOCSIS connection status
DOCSIS Signal Displays the plant information on which the modem is connected
DOCSIS Log DOCSIS log information
System Additional information on the DOCSIS connection
Battery Battery information
Connection Devices Displays all clients that are connected to the private / guest network
LAN LAN configuration details
WAN WAN configuration information
Routing Routing setup information
Modem Displays modem parameters
MTA MTA line status
Network Time Displays current time parameters
Wireless Radio 2.4GHz and 5GHz setup information
Advanced Advance setup information
Guest Network Guest Network and Guest LAN settings
MAC Control MAC Control setup information
WPS WPS setup information
QoS QoS setup information
Hotspot Hotspot options and settings
Security Firewall Configure Firewall settings
IP Filter IP Filter settings
Device Filter Device Filter setup information
Access Control Add / remove website access
Service Filter Block service requests from the LAN to WAN devices
VPN VPN setup information
Email Settings Email setting information
Report Displays all events triggered by firewall rules
Application Port Forward Port Forward information
Port Trigger Port Trigger setup information
Port Filter Port Filter setup information
DDNS DDNS setup information
DMZ DMZ setup information
UPnP UPnP setup information
IP Passthrough IP Passthrough settings
SIP ALG Enable / disable the SIP Application Layer Gateway
Administration User Set username and password
Remote Access Enables remote access using eRouter IP address from the WAN
Backup & Restore Backup or restore current CGA4131 configurations
Reboot & Reset Displays reboot and reset options
Troubleshooting IP Ping and Traceroute tools
Remote Log Displays current logging configurations
Diagnostic System System status
Interface Displays information on WAN, LAN, and WiFi interfaces
Network LAN side configuration status
Wireless WiFi configuration for 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks
Clients Displays data on clients connected to the Gateway and network connection details
Internet Provides internet traffic information
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