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About Netflix on Contour 2


As a Cox customer you can now access Netflix directly from your Contour 2 receiver. Once logged into your Netflix subscription on the Contour 2 receiver you can use the Cox Voice Remote or manual search to view all the different programming available through On Demand from Cox or Netflix.

  • Contour 2 does not support any 4K content, and will not stream any 4K content, regardless of Netflix streaming plan.
  • The customer must subscribe to any level of Cox Business Internet service.

The following is a brief overview of Netflix from Contour 2.

Customer Action Details
Signing Up Netflix service offers quality programming that targets a wide variety of TV shows, movies and more. As a Contour 2 customer, you have the ability to subscribe to Netflix directly from the Contour 2 receiver. If the you are not already a Netflix member, sign up today, refer to Signing Up Netflix on Contour 2.
Note: Netflix billing through Cox is available. To learn more, refer to About Netflix Billing
Search across platforms When either using the Voice Remote or manually searching for a program, the system provides results for both On Demand from Cox and Netflix programming, refer to Accessing Netflix on Contour 2.

You can also use voice commands within the Netflix App to search for content and tune to linear channels.

Note: Preforming a search while in the Netflix app will take you out of the app to the Contour 2 search results.
Mobile access Netflix customers have access through the Netflix app on most mobile devices, for more information refer to Netflix.com/help.

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