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Protection for your business and your peace of mind.

DDoS Mitigation Services

DDoS attacks are evolving. They’re now so common, it’s not a question of if an attack will occur, but when. With new and trickier ways to undermine your site, it’s crucial you have a partner who can to keep up on trends and changes attackers are making to evade detection. Your business needs the expertise of Cox Business DDoS Protection.

Key Features

Mitigate to a Single IP Address

Whether you’re operating with one server or multiple, with Cox as your Internet provider we’ll mitigate the source of an attack down to a single IP address, providing better protection than DNS only redirection services.

No CPE Configuration or Operational Impacts

With Cox as your Internet provider, we can plan and institute the comprehensive DDoS Protection your business requires. Should you need to mitigate an attack, we will alert you directly and keep our process transparent, so you can communicate accurate information with interested parties while you focus on running your business.

Multi-Vector Attack Support

Attacks are continually becoming more aggressive and complex. Hackers may vary their types of attacks, even using smoke screens to distract from their intended target. With Cox Business, your network will have a dedicated point of contact to keep you abreast of all mitigation efforts. 

Proactive Monitoring

Given that networks are always at risk of attacks, our Managed Router service includes proactive monitoring to mitigate issues. We monitor networks 24/7/365 and respond quickly to any network events we detect. We’ll also scan network resources, assess threats for security risk and recommend any necessary remediation. Plus we’ll manage a log of network activity, so you can always have an updated view of any risks that may be present. 

Data Services

Cox Business offers DDoS protection for all of your internet services, so you’ll be protected from any size incident. We can automatically detect and monitor DDoS attacks for you. 

Security Operations Center

Our team of seasoned, effective pros is the perfect complement to our advanced technology in helping prevent attacks. Our team monitors analyzes data in real-time, 24/7, to detect potential threats and mitigate when necessary. 

Steps For Successful DDoS Mitigation


When an attack occurs, we’ll immediately begin to mitigate it for you. Our Security Operations Center is staffed with experts who understand the internet landscape and how to assess potential threats. 


When we detect a potential threat, we’ll immediately let you know what we see and how we plan to resolve the situation. We’ll continually keep you informed during the entire process, so you can keep your team updated. 


Our experts are always keeping fresh with the latest information. We conduct drills regularly to ensure we’re prepared for new and ever-changing attacks. 

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