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Temporary WiFi Services

Create a memorable experience that inspires, entertains and connects all your attendees with Cox Business temporary WiFi services.

A lot of factors go into creating a positive event experience. One essential piece is connecting attendees through strong, reliable Business WiFi. Whether it’s sharing and uploading photos from the event or vendors processing online payments, utilizing a business grade WiFi solution for your events is essential.

Temporary WiFi for Events

There are a number of crucial questions you’ll need to answer before choosing a temporary WiFi solution. For example, how many people will be attending your event? What will your WiFi be used for?  In order to equip your event with the best temporary WiFi service and most reliable Internet connection, here are some additional factors to consider:

Dedicated Bandwidth

Staff, vendors and attendees will all need access to your event WiFi. When considering the type of Internet service you’ll need for your event, estimate the number of people who will be accessing your network. If you have less than 50 users, a Fiber Internet connection will deliver the connection speeds you need. For more than 50 users, you’ll want dedicated Internet access. Unlike a shared network, a private connection allows you to bypass Internet traffic and gives you the highest bandwidth capacity.

Wide Coverage

Depending on your event’s infrastructure, you’ll need to figure out where short-term WiFi coverage will be needed. Determine where the majority of event activities will take place and assess if you’ll need coverage on multiple floors or outdoor WiFi. You should also ask your Internet service provider if they can assist in mapping out your event space to see where the strongest coverage is needed.

Managed WiFi

With a managed WiFi solution, your Internet service provider can help monitor your connection and troubleshoot any configuration issues you are having to help ensure your event runs smoothly.

Tailored Installation

Don’t lose time trying to figure out how to install temporary WiFi. Ask your Internet service provider about professional installation. Technicians can help set up Internet equipment, install access points and confirm everything is working for your event.

People talking with each other in an event

Temporary WiFi Security

There’s a lot to worry about when throwing an event, but cyber-attacks, hackers and online threats shouldn’t be items on your mind. Safeguard your network, devices and users by asking your Internet service provider about the following security measures:

Business-Grade Security Suite:

Firewalls, port filtering and URL blocking tools can help protect your network from malicious attacks, such as spyware and viruses.

Content Filtering

The web can leave your network vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Content filtering allows you to monitor your network and block users from accessing websites that can put devices or users connected to your event WiFi at risk.

Hardware and Software Applications

With so many devices and users accessing your network at one time, having purpose-built technology can help shut down security threats before they reach your network.

Private and Guest Networks

Help protect any important data or information being stored on your private network by creating a separate guest network for attendees to use.

How to Set Up Guest Networks for Temporary Events?

A guest network is a convenient way to gather attendee information in a compliant way. You can set up your guest network to require users to enter their name and email address. Save their information to contact them about future events.
You can also use your temporary WiFi as an opportunity to create landing pages for your business, unique network names and advertising for further promotion. Once your temporary WiFi solution is installed, here’s how you can set up a guest WiFi network for event attendees to access:


  • Open your web browser and enter your router’s IP address into the address bar.
  • The IP address will direct you to your Internet service provider’s page. There you will enter “admin" for the username and password.
  • Turn on the section that says “guest WiFi” to create a separate event staff and attendees. 
  • You can also manage how much bandwidth you allocate to each local network, so that guest users aren’t consuming all of it.
  • Create an easy password for your guest network to hand out to attendees as they check-in to your event.

What can Cox Business Internet and WiFi do for your business?

Business Internet and WiFi are essential services. Find out how the right speed, connection and equipment can help grow your bottom line and move your business forward.

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