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School WiFi Services

Create a learning environment where students and staff can thrive through the reliable connectivity offered by Cox Commercial Grade Internet.

Recently, many schools, colleges and other educational facilities have rethought their learning environments. Educators adapted to distance learning. Recruitment and enrollment went virtual, and the importance of Internet for students became increasingly apparent. Learn how the right school Internet plan can help facilitate education both on and off campus, protect your online data and foster connectivity.

Internet Solutions for Schools

The right Internet solution for your educational facility will help provide connectivity, create a secure network for learning and increase productivity. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for an Internet service provider:

A Fiber Connection

A slow connection or unnecessary downtime can put a damper on productivity. A fiber connection provides a dedicated line, allowing your school to avoid network congestion caused by neighboring businesses and residential homes. Moreover, you’ll receive the fastest upload and download speeds available.

High-Speed Bandwidth

Schools and educational facilities need an Internet service that can support multiple users and devices throughout the day. Check your Internet plan to ensure you’re receiving wide coverage and consistent speeds to support in-class and distance learning.

Advanced Security Features

Safeguard your school from malicious cyber-attacks by selecting an Internet service that offers advanced security measures, such as firewalls, port filtering, URL blocking and breach reports.

Needs Analysis

While most institutions have similar school Internet needs, it’s important that your provider assess yours individually. Campus size, enrollment, staff numbers and coverage areas (indoors and out), all play a part in delivering reliable connectivity.

LAN Integration

To help maintain productivity and streamline efficiencies, you’ll want a service that allows you to easily connect to shared printers and servers from wireless devices using a secure private network.

IT Support

Access to 24/7 IT support can help you resolve issues in a timely manner, so you can get back to important school-related business.

Three people sitting in and learning from computer

Campus WiFi Solutions

Nearly everyone on a school campus accesses the Internet by connecting to WiFi. For students, it’s essential for completing assignments, conducting research and connecting with peers and educators. Teachers need WiFi for teaching and communicating with other staff members, while school staff depends on wireless Internet to keep things running behind the scenes. Create a safe learning environment by asking your Internet service provider about important security measures, such as:

Content Filtering

This security feature allows you to monitor how your network is being used by blocking inappropriate domains, like social media and gaming websites from your campus WiFi.

Hardware and Software Applications

Protect your school, students, staff and faculty from cybersecurity threats with technology designed to shut them down before they reach your network.

Managed Cloud Solutions

With so much information being shared over the Internet, you’ll want a cloud solutions that keeps all your devices protected with automatic security updates.

Managed WiFi Solutions for Schools

When you’re busy running a school, the last thing you need to worry about is an Internet problem. Choose an Internet service provider that oversees everything from monitoring your connection and security to managing your devices and guest network. A managed WiFi solution can also help ensure wide, indoor and outdoor coverage through tailored installation.

What can Cox Business Internet and WiFi do for your business?

Business Internet and WiFi are essential services. Find out how the right speed, connection and equipment can help grow your bottom line and move your business forward.

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