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Military Barracks Internet & WiFi Solutions

Streamline military operations and keep those who serve connected to loved ones with Cox Business Internet and WiFi solutions.

Reliable Internet and WiFi solutions can make a powerful difference at your military installation or facility. Not only does it help streamline daily operations, but it can boost the morale of service members wanting to connect with their loved ones back home. From government offices to military bases, learn how the right Internet solution can support the growing demands of your institution and improve the experience of those serving our country.

Internet Solutions for Military Barracks

Internet for military needs to go beyond a standard connection to meet the specialized demands of government agencies, personnel and service members. Business-grade Internet has the power to support your daily operations, the speed to keep productivity moving and the security measures to safeguard your information. When searching for an Internet service provider, keep these features in mind:

Separate Private and Guest Networks

You don’t want just anyone accessing your facility’s private network. Safeguard confidential information with a separate guest network for recreational use.

Advanced Security Measures

Tools like firewalls, port filters and URL blocking are your first line of defense against cyber threats. Breach reports can also help you monitor your network for added peace of mind.

Scalable Solutions

Choosing a customizable solution for your military facility will allow you to add bandwidth as your demands change or the number of users increase or decrease.

A Dedicated Connection

Fiber Internet is a private and secure network connection that allows you to bypass Internet traffic, offering the fastest WiFi speeds and highest bandwidth capacity at your military installation.

Wide Coverage

Dead zones can inconvenience users accessing your network. Avoid spotty Internet connection by making sure you have access points for full indoor and outdoor WiFi coverage.

Fast, Reliable Speeds

Before signing a service-level agreement, ask about guaranteed uptimes and reliability to minimize downtime and costly interruptions.

Military personnel working in data center

Security and Compliance for Military Facilities

Security is of the utmost importance for military facilities. With confidential information being handled and stored online, you need an Internet solution that protects against malicious cyber-attacks. Your best line of defense is a suite of advanced security features, such as:

Content Filtering

Malicious websites can threaten your network and make you vulnerable to data breeches. Content filtering allows you to monitor your network and block users from accessing inappropriate websites that can potentially harm your online security.

Hardware and Software Applications

The web can leave your network vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Content filtering allows you to monitor your network and block users from accessing websites that can put devices or users connected to your event WiFi at risk.

Hardware and Software Applications

This purpose-built technology is designed to shut down security threats before they reach your network, protecting your devices and users.

Managed WiFi

A managed WiFi solution allows your Internet provider to oversee everything from monitoring your connection and security to managing your devices and guest network. Managed WiFi can also help ensure wide area, indoor and outdoor coverage through tailored installation.

WiFi Guest Networks

Keep your daily military operations separate from recreational activities by creating a guest network. A guest network allows you to manage how your network is being used. Once your Internet is installed, ask your technician to set up a guest WiFi network for service members and visiting civilians to use.

What can Cox Business Internet and WiFi do for your business?

Business Internet and WiFi are essential services. Find out how the right speed, connection and equipment can help grow your bottom line and move your business forward.

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