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Hospitality WiFi Solutions

Streamline daily operations and give guests the exceptional experience they expect at your hotel with business Internet and WiFi solutions.

WiFi Services for Hospitality

Whether guests are checking into your hotel for business or leisure, hospitality WiFi plays a critical role in their overall experience. Visitors expect high speeds, a consistent connection and the ability to connect throughout the hotel. Not to mention, business Internet can help provide smooth daily operations for guest registration, hotel events and processing payments. Your hotel needs a business Internet solution that can keep up with the demands of your establishment and the needs of your guests. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a hotel WiFi solution:

High-Speed Bandwidth

Between hotel staff and guests, you need enough bandwidth to support multiple users and devices at one time. A dedicated line can help you avoid interruptions during peak business hours. You’ll also want symmetrical speeds for fast upload and download speeds to allow for streaming, downloading large files and processing payments.

IT Support

Get help when you need it with around the clock hospitality support from experienced professionals dedicated to keeping your business running and your guests connected.

Tailored Installation

Professional installation makes sure your business Internet equipment is working properly and your WiFi connection is available where you need it both inside and outside your establishment.

Separate Private and Guest Networks

Protect any important data being stored on your private network by creating a separate guest network for visitors to use. With a guest network you can also manage how your bandwidth is being used and block any malicious sites from being accessed on your network.

Lady working on her laptop from her desk

Hospitality WiFi Security

Part of the hospitality sector is guaranteeing your guests are comfortable, happy and secure both in your hotel and online. The Internet provides a world of benefits to your business, but it can also leave you and your guests vulnerable to cyber-attacks, data breeches and hackers. Secure your hotel Internet services by considering the following security features:

Content Filtering

Depending on your occupancy, hundreds of guests may be accessing your hotel WiFi for various reasons at any given time. Content filtering allows you to monitor your network and block users from accessing inappropriate or malicious websites that can potentially harm your online security.

Hardware and Software Applications

Shut down security threats before they even have the chance to reach your network with this purpose-built technology designed to protect your devices and users.

Managed WiFi

When you’re busy running a hotel, the last thing you want to worry about is IT issues. Managed WiFi is a solution that allows your Internet provider to oversee everything from monitoring your connection and security to managing your devices and guest network. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about installing your Internet. Through tailored installation, professionals can help assure there’s wide area, indoor and outdoor coverage throughout your building.

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