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Wifi Church solutions

WiFi for Places of Worship

Serve your congregation and reach new members with the power of Cox Business Internet.

Recently, many places of worship have embraced the Internet to serve their congregants. By equipping their church, synagogue or mosque with business Internet, these institutions stayed connected to their congregants, reached new members and streamlined daily processes. Learn how business Internet and WiFi solutions can help enhance what your place of worship has to offer.

Internet Service for Churches, Synagogues and Mosques

Choosing the right Internet solution for your congregation will depend on a number of factors, such as how many people will be accessing your network, how much IT support you’ll need, and the amount of bandwidth required during peak usage like worship services. Important Internet and WiFi features to consider include:


When searching for a WiFi plan, security should be one of the most important considerations. Without the right safeguards in place, your place of worship or parishioners risk being hacked. Ask your Internet service provider if they offer a security suite that helps protect against viruses, spyware and malicious attacks.

Guest and Private Networks

Creating separate networks helps ensure that critical high-bandwidth needs, like live event streaming, avoid major disruption or delay. With a guest network, you can also help manage how bandwidth is being used and safeguard any information being stored on your private network.

IT Support

Many places of worship don’t have onsite IT teams to assist when WiFi acts up, especially during critical times. Ask your business Internet service provider whether they provide 24/7 IT support.

High-Speed Bandwidth

To meet the needs of parishioners, many congregations started hosting virtual services. If livestreaming is a solution your place of worship would like to offer, choosing an Internet solution with fast upload speeds helps ensure quality streaming without interruptions.

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Ease of Installation

Tailored, professional installation can help guarantee your church is getting coverage where you need it. Professionals can also help install indoor and outdoor access points for the best connectivity.

How to Livestream Religious Services

Livestreaming is a cost-effective way to stay connected with members of your congregation and reach new attendees. When services are shared virtually, parishioners can attend from anywhere. Here are some tips for setting up your livestream:

Invest in Equipment

For a better streaming experience, consider purchasing video and audio equipment to enhance quality. For example, invest in a camera or computer for high-quality visuals. Use a tripod or mount to stream from the best angle.  Invest in microphones so your virtual audience can hear you loud and clear.

Choose a Livestream Platform

When it comes to picking a livestream platform, there are paid and free options. Premium platforms may provide you with equipment to make livestreaming easier; however, if you’re just getting started and want to see if livestreaming is right for your place of worship, free platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube Live can do the job well.

Create an Event

Let members know when you’re hosting a livestreaming event and provide them with information on how to attend, including instructions for logging in via their smartphone or computer.

Distribute Your Content

Most livestreaming platforms allow you to record your content so you can upload it to your website or social media profile. This gives members access to your sermons and events at a time that’s convenient for them.

WiFi Setup and Guest Networks for Churches

WiFi can easily be installed or set up by your business Internet service provider. Professionals can help confirm there’s consistent coverage throughout your location and install indoor and outdoor access points. Once your router and modem are set up and you’re connected to the Internet, create a guest network for your congregants following these easy steps:


  • Using a computer or device that is currently connected to your Gateway, open your preferred browser and type your router’s IP address into the address bar.
  • The IP address should take you to a page hosted by your Internet service provider. When prompted for login credentials, enter your username and password.
  • In your wireless settings, create a separate guest network for your visiting congregants.
  • Leave your guest network open or create an easy to remember password for visitors to login.

What can Cox Business Internet and WiFi do for your business?

Business Internet and WiFi are essential services. Find out how the right speed, connection and equipment can help grow your bottom line and move your business forward.

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