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WiFi for Campgrounds and RV Parks

Create an ideal campground experience where people can escape to nature and stay connected with Cox Business Internet and WiFi solutions.

Campgrounds serve as a great escape. However, while many people enjoy getting away, they still want to connect to the outside world. In fact, a recent study showed that WiFi for campgrounds ranks as one of the top amenities guests are looking for when booking a site.

WiFi solutions allow campers to check in with friends and family and look for nearby attractions. Learn how equipping your campground with business Internet can help set you apart and have guests returning year after year.

RV Park and Campground WiFi Solutions

The right campground WiFi solutions can offer fast, reliable speeds throughout your site and the peace of mind you need. Finding a service that can support a wide area and multiple users should be the top priority. Here are a few other factors to consider before signing a service-level agreement:

Guest and Private Networks

Creating a separate private and guest network can help protect your business from potential data breaches. Whether you’re inputting information online or registering campers through your website, you don’t want just anyone accessing that data. With a guest network, you can manage how your campsite WiFi system is being used without putting your business at risk.

Wide Area Coverage

Make sure you get a business-grade Internet solution that can support multiple users at one time, as well as reliably connect to indoor and outdoor WiFi. WiFi can be spotty out in nature, but with the right coverage you should be able to receive consistent speeds where you need it the most.

Professional Installation

Trees, topography and other challenges can interfere with your WiFi connection. Customized installation can help ensure you’re getting coverage throughout your campground. Professional technicians should be able to map out your area and install access points where your campers expect connectivity.

Fast Speeds

The modern camper isn’t just stargazing; they’re streaming scary movies or playing music by the campfire. Make sure your Internet connection offers fast upload speeds for streaming and downloading entertainment.

Lady sitting in front of RV in a campground and working on her tablet

Campground WiFi Security

Between campground personnel, vacationing families and weekend road trippers, a lot of people will access your Internet network. Multiple users joining your Internet connection can make your business vulnerable to hackers or cyber-attacks. Safeguard your business and protect your campers by asking your Internet service provider about important security measures, such as:

Content Filtering

Malicious websites can pose a threat to your network. Ask your provider about content filtering, a security feature that allows you to block any domains you don’t want users accessing.

Hardware and Software Applications

Protect your campers and personnel from cybersecurity threats with purpose-built technology designed to shut down security threats before they reach your network.

Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is a service that oversees everything from monitoring your connection and security to managing your devices and guest network. This type of solution also offers tailored installation helping guarantee wide coverage throughout your campground.

WiFi Networks for Campgrounds and RV Parks

WiFi for RV parks and campgrounds can easily be installed or set up by your Internet service provider. Professionals can install access points throughout your campsite for consistent coverage both inside and out. Once your router and modem are set up and you’re connected to the Internet, ask your provider to set up a guest network for visiting campers.

What can Cox Business Internet and WiFi do for your business?

Business Internet and WiFi are essential services. Find out how the right speed, connection and equipment can help grow your bottom line and move your business forward.

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