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DNS Security Solutions


Protect your network with MalBlock, a cloud-based, defensive solution that protects all the devices connected to your network from known malicious websites.  

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Get MalBlock Standard starting at $19.95/month today!

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Protection for Unlimited Devices on Your Network

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MalBlock Features

Protect Your Company From Known Malicious Websites

Businesses of all sizes face an ever-evolving array of DNS security threats. MalBlock uses the latest technologies to uncover potential risks and block objectionable content.

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Protect Your Business

Block access to known malicious domains that can wreak havoc on your business.

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Secure All Connected Devices

Protect all devices connected to your Cox Business Internet from harmful websites.

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Optional Content Filtering

Set up custom rules to block distracting or inappropriate domains, like social media and gaming websites.

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Continually Updated

Stay up-to-date with automatic security updates that protect against nearly 5 million new malicious domains created each day.

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Simple to Deploy

Help reduce IT overheads with a cloud-based solution that automatically deploys across your network, and doesn’t require installation.

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Intuitive Dashboard

Monitor your protection, web filtering trends, and blocked security threats all in one place with our user-friendly dashboard.

MalBlock Plans and Pricing

Choose the right DNS security plan for your business.

MalBlock Standard

✓ Domain whitelisting
✓ Phishing and botnet protection
✓ Ransomware and malware protection
✓ Supports all Internet devices
✓ Threat dashboard

Starting at*:


for 12 months with 1-yr. svc. agr.

MalBlock Premium

Includes everything in MalBlock Standard, plus:
✓ Content control and URL filtering
✓ Create rules for each device
✓ Safe search enforcement

Starting at*:


for 12 months with 1-yr. svc. agr.

MalBlock FAQs

Find answers to some of the most common questions about MalBlock DNS Security.

MalBlock just works, with very little or no configuration or software downloads. It covers every device connected to your network and protects against a wide range of threats, like phishing campaigns that can begin and end in a few hours.

Most businesses lack security expertise, yet they have the same risks as large companies. MalBlock can help address these issues with a service that’s both economical and nearly effortless.

MalBlock is a cloud-based solution that lowers the need for ongoing oversight. It automatically covers every device that connects to a company’s network.

MalBlock is a browser-based UI that provides every business with a live dashboard, which shows threat activity and other details. It’s also easy to personalize the service for your business.  You can set up customized filters that block adult content, gambling websites, social media websites, or other content you don’t want on your network. Pricing is per connection/site, so it’s simple, economical, and predictable.

Absolutely. Simply having a firewall and antivirus software may not be enough protection against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. A multi-layered security approach offers additional protection working across different protocols and applications. MalBlock is updated every 10 minutes with the latest threat intelligence and automatically blocks a wide range of known security threats to strengthen your overall security protection.

Your Cox Business Internet service protects you from attacks from outside the network, like spam and unsolicited content. MalBlock protects your devices from actions taken inside the network, like blocking employee computers from accessing malicious websites.

Think of DNS as a phonebook. The DNS (Domain Name System) connects an IP address to a website address (URL). It is what makes the internet simple to use, but at the same time, it is one of the most vulnerable parts of your network, making it a frequent target for hackers.


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